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As a professional IT Solutions provider, we are committed to providing the necessary guidance you need in order to take action.

Need help with business analysis, service design, solution management? We have consultants to help you deliver value added outcomes to your business.

Require additional developers in your IT projects? We have capable staff who can supplement or complement your team.

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Client focused consultants solve business problems

Sunesis consultants provide quality business services and deliver outcomes that add value.  Our consultants will engage and collaborate to fit technology solutions to business needs. We value clients domain expertise and will leverage relationships and knowledge to design solutions.

We develop technology to add value

Our consultants specialise in technology solution development to meet business needs. We provide the expertise to plan, guide and support clients through the stages of solution management. Our consultants can plan the best approach for development and implementation to leverage existing capability and capacity.

Our consultancy services

We have experienced consultants to deliver services in:

  • Business analysis
  • Service design
  • Solution management

Our Technical Consultants can also develop and deliver :

  • Solution architecture
  • Domain models
  • Conceptual and logical data and class models
  • Prototypes and proof of concept model



Technology Solutions

Custom software development

Sunesis has been providing custom software development services to businesses and government departments in Victoria for more than 15 years. We specialise in web and data application development and are skilled in Microsoft technologies.

We aim to provide value to our customers through:

  • Design of quality, fit-for-purpose solutions
  • Prompt and iterative delivery of software that benefits business early
  • Training to build business capability in utilising deployed systems
  • Business planning to manage risk, and realise opportunities and benefits
  • Continuous meaningful client engagement

Data management and analytics

Sunesis has expertise in Microsoft SQL Server and is able to provide services such as SQL database application and BI development.

Our project experience includes:

  • maintenance of the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process of a key system used in emergency services for more than 10 years, enabling the customer to integrate and utilise resources data from disparate source systems.
  • development of business reports using SQL Server Reporting Services covering recruitment, health and fitness, training and accreditation and incident management data.


Software solutions

Sunesis can provide solutions for resource management. The Sunesis resource management model can be applied to different domains to improve operations and outcomes for businesses. Our solutions have been implemented in organisations involved with business ranging from ermergency services to aged care services.


Acorda is a  web based application designed to help businesses manage supplier compliance to regulatory and industry standards.

The application reduces the administration demands associated with managing supplier records and enables providers to meet legislated accountability more efficiently. The application enables:

  • Providers to determine and set compliance standards for suppliers
  • Suppliers to submit document evidence of compliance
  • Providers to approve suppliers and add them to a registry once they meet standards
  • Alert suppliers and care providers of pending and actual currency expiration



RAS is an tool to assist with conducting risk assessment of assets important to a business. The system allows a systematic analysis and evaluation of the risks associated with identified hazards and determine appropriate ways to eliminate the hazards.

The tool is configurable and contains features such as:

  • User definable assessment form
  • User definable likelihood of a risk occurrence, the consequence, and the resulting risk rating
  • User definable response rules to facilitate priority ranking of risk mitigation work



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